Dr. Sydne Record publishes new paper on pitcher plants

Check out our new paper looking at purple pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea) microbiomes across >23 degrees of latitude and >35 populations. This was a large collaborative effort with colleagues from University of Wisconsin, University of Florida Gainesville, University of Sherbrooke, University of Montreal, and University of Vermont. Thank you to funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through Bryn Mawr College.

New paper by Dr. Sydne Record on linking metacommunity theory to long-term data

Check out Sydne’s latest paper that describes how to best confront metacommunity theory with long-term data streams. This paper also highlights a new data standard (i.e., ecocomDP) for community ecology generated through a collaboration with the Environmental Data Initiative that has the potential to make synthesis of disparate datasets easier. Keep an eye out for more papers on this topic coming out later this year introducing the data design standard and applying ecocomDP to data from the National Ecological Observatory Network. This work was funded by the NSF through a Long Term Ecological Research Network synthesis working group at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis.

Dr. Sydne Record leads NSF meeting on DEI

It was great to see >250 participants at the National Science Foundation Macrosystems Biology Investigator Meeting. Sydne led the organizing committee for the meeting and chose to focus this year’s meeting theme on diversity, equity, and inclusion in collaborative team science. The all virtual meeting this year enabled twice as many early career researchers to take part. Highlights were Bala Choudhary’s keynote on ’10 simple rules to an anti-racist lab’, Sparkle Malone’s keynote on her path to becoming an ecologist as a black woman, and lightning talks and posters of cutting edge science.

Two new publications out by Dr. Sydne Record

A new paper inĀ Proceedings of Royal Society B uses a massive data compilation of 162 datasets across the globe on fish, bird, and plant assemblages to ask how taxonomic and phylogenetic diversity has changed over time. Check it out here.

Also, the NASA bioXgeo working group co-led by Sydne has another publication out in a new book on remote sensing of plant diversity. The whole book is open access to promote open science! Check it out here.